A Slap in the Blackface: Fashion’s Open Racism

IN today’s social and political climate it blows my mind how top brands/designers such a Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Moncler, etc. have the nerve to try to profit off of Blackface. Clearly, there is a lack of cultural and ethnic diversity within these brands, letting us know these products are not meant for us.

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Welcome to JUX

Welcome to JUX!

Jux is short for juxtaposition, the comparison of two contrasting or contradicting objects. Society often categorizes people, personalities, and talents in a limiting way that confines them to a box of being an "either or," one or the other –never both. As I started to understand the different pieces of myself, I realized how much I exist in contradiction to other parts of me. Akin to many others, I am a collection of juxtaposing qualities that cannot be limited to one single or two parallel words.

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