Guide to Wearing A Blazer for Casual Looks

It’s the first week of October, and while we South Floridians may not be feeling the changes in nature, the abundance of fake fall leaves, Halloween gear, and “Pumpkin Spice is Back!” sign in every store is enough of a hint! Style and mood are the number one fashion dictators in Florida, you can catch many of us wearing shorts, big jackets and sandals in the same outfit just because. For the rest of the east coast, weather changes rule attire, while that may not be the case for us, I still like to participate in fall fashion—kind of. Loose weather restrictions give me and others room to be as creative as we like with fashion (sorry for you season-having-states).

Well, let me get into why you’re probably here—Blazers! Blazers are a timeless outerwear piece, that I think never truly go out of style but are definitely making a trend resurgence with the 70s inspired fashion finding its way to the runways. The varying styles, textures, and materials can make some blazers heavy enough to wear on a chilly day or light enough to wear in place of a light jacket for a variety of occasions. I get most of my blazers from local thrift stores (quickly remove the shoulder pads) and often opt for an over-sized look. Personally, it’s one of my favorite statement pieces for casual outfits!

Classic checkered blazer with a black t-shirt from tucked into high-waist denim shorts and paired with combat boots. Blazers are often associated with corporate spaces, so mixing plain t-shirts and denim keeps the ‘fanciness’ to a minimum.

PASTELS! Green wool blazer with a white Jasmine Mans statement t-shirt complemented by a pink pastel skirt and ending with suede Puma sneakers. Pink and green are complimentary colors on the color wheel which is why they often work so well together, although I just noticed it low-key gives hidden Cosmo and Wanda vibes lol.

Mustard yellow and melanin are a power couple! I’m pretty sure, this color and burnt orange are the official/unofficial fall colors. Mustard yellow blazer with a white tube top, dual-toned crop jeans, and white platforms sneakers.

While this ensemble is probably the least causal of the four, it can easily be dressed up or down. Distressed boyfriend jeans, sheer V-neck, and black boots are the basics of the outfit and the bold red nylon blazer is the statement. The checkered patterned hat is thrown to add spice to the outfit (if the red wasn’t enough), but also makes it a bit more casual.

With styling over-sized blazers, I always roll the sleeves at least once and layer fitting or shorter items underneath to look less bulky and so I don’t get too hot. But there are soo many other combinations to choose from. It’s all a mix and match game to move in style and combat the weather!

For more inspiration, visit The Notorious KIA’s Instagram and YouTube, she is a true blazer stan and has countless looks.

Comment what your favorite look was and let me know if you have questions about any items or outfits!