BHM: Heroes Re-imagined with Angela Davis

For Black History Month we will continue to highlight & honor legendary figures. Next up, living legend Angela Davis.

Angela Davis (1997)

Angela Davis (1997)

Angela (2019)

Angela (2019)

Born in segregated Birmingham, Alabama on January 26, 1944, Angela Davis used and continues to use her voice and knowledge to openly advocate for gender equity, prison reform and equality alliances across color lines (we stan a conscious leader!). Ms. Davis is most known for her radical activism and association with the Black Panther Party in the late 60s, but actually spent most of her time with the Che-Lumumba Club, an all-black branch of the Communist Party.

Her association with communism would eventually get her fired from her teaching position at the University of California in Los Angeles. But of course, as the bad-ass she is, she fought them in court, got her job back, and walked away from the University when her contract expired in 1970, because they still needed her more than she needed them *sips tea*.

Later that year, Ms. Davis’ avid support of the Soledad brothers, a group prison inmates led by freedom fighter George Jackson, would lead her to be jailed for 18 months on several conspiracy charges and murder. When the Soledad brothers and other inmates planned an escape from Marin County Courthouse resulting in four deaths, Angela was brought in for her alleged association. In the end, she was acquitted of all charges and freed in 1972.

In 1997, Angela Davis and other activist founded the Critical Resistance, an organization that aims to end the prison industrial complex. Ms. Davis continues to be a powerful and radical voice for change inside of a complacent world. In tribute to a fierce leader during Black History Month and every month, we’ve decided to honor her through a modern take on her style. Enjoy!

As a fruit of the struggle, I can’t tolerate the injustice seen today. Revolution is on the horizon and we have to be at the forefront. So, I implore you in joining me in revitalizing the Black Panther Party, as a political party. This time we will throw our hat in the political ring and demand reformation!  The time has come to bring action to our activism and activate our young counter parts. 

          - Davis

Please continue to read more about Angela Davis’ life and her plethora of knowledge in her life’s publications found here. If you have read or plan to read any of her books share your thoughts in the comments!



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