Fireflies x Moth

I love chasing fireflies, a little scared of the beautiful version of the moth

I wonder why no one likes the moth

Always hated seeing them get caught in the lights

Why the moth be so in love with the light bulb anyway, 

 Even though the light bulb can only love it in the dark

The moth doesn't stop until that love turns to pain,

then doesn't stop until that pain does them part

He meets death in their matrimony 

I guess that's why I can only see light in your eyes

Our midnight dances taste so good until the sunrise and you,

decide to burn the bridge we danced into existence

Destined to burn, Call me the moth 

Addicted to loving something who would never love me back 

Addicted to your flame

This must be the stove mother warned me about,

a lesson I can't learn enough times to stop 

But, bruised hands feel way better than bruised heart anyway 

I don't usually write love poems 

Except for when your name kisses my ear,

and my butterflies decide to write books in your grace and build homes in your company

I guess you can say it feels better that way

Pretending this is a two-sided love story, instead of eulogy

When I really just have a bad habit of you

So much that I'm compared to a moth 

An insect

Be easy to dismiss, easy to forget

There are no crimes against my harm so I know you'll swat when you've had enough

Anddd I'll let you

---Because I've already decided this isn't the life for you

See how I was cut out for heart ache 

Look how my poet makes broken look so beautiful in the mic-time

So I guess this really isn't a love poem at all 

Just a girl, on a mic,

trying to be bright enough so her lover might see the light in her eyes too, 

hear the worth in her words 

But I'm not sure these lights are bright enough to look past the broken in her

but I’ll still try to turn moth into firefly

be my own light at the end of this poem

Because we can’t all caterpillar into butterfly

If I never spread my wings past your light, can I still call it liberty

If I only save myself can I still call it justice

If I stay in my cocoon

can I still call it freedom



P.S: Look out for a video version updated with this post :)